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Charity Treasure Hunt - The Sierra Leone Misson

As some of you may already know Janet is involved with a charity called The Sierra Leone Mission, which amongst other things she is treasurer for. This charity is a non-profit making organisation where every penny raised goes directly to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is one of the worlds poorest countries which in addition to its poverty had the Ebola crisis thrust upon it in 2014. The Mission  provides schooling, teachers medical aid, clothes, and tools, to name just a few things.  It has recently built an orphanage which provides a home for a very small amount of children  Sierra Leone's 10,000 street children.   We also send, tents and sleeping bags which are collected from festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading which are given out to the children who are too frightened to leave the streets.


The reason I'm telling you all this is that we get involved in a few fund raising events through-out the year and we are organising a treasure hunt on 12th August. The hunt will be starting at Challock, Halfway House at 2pm and is set around the villages of Kent with a few clues and objects to be collected along the way.  A trophy has been donated for the winner.  By way of raising funds we are asking for a donation of £10.00 per car.


We would like to extend the invite to everybody from the club, but please be warned you may have done this before because we pinched it from another club member!  Were hoping you won't remember much of it!    (Cliff it wasn't you were saving that for another day!)   


We would be very grateful for your participation but we need to know numbers so please respond one way or another as to whether you would like to come.


Best Wishes


Norman and Janet

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