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2015 A year in the life of a MGB

At the end of the 2014 show season it was time to do some much needed work  on my MGB Roadster. One being the largest thing you are ever likely to do i.e the engine and the other the overdrive unit. After Graham Howard and myself removed the said engine and gearbox-overdrive, the engine was sent away to Oselli and a refurbished unit returned. 


In the meantime I tackled replacing the overdrive. I checked out u-tube to get some guidance on how to do this. The  film explains how to fit the overdrive to your gearbox and comes with a cautious warning that it can take 5 seconds or 5 hours to locate 

it back on the gearbox. You guessed it I had the 5 hour version! After speaking to Graham,  we arranged for him to come round again and low and behold it dropped on the gearbox in 5 seconds grrrrr. 


Thank you mate. Whilst the engine and gearbox were out, the engine compartment was stripped out of all relevant parts which were then cleaned, painted, powered coated or replaced. The engine compartment was cleaned and painted by Janet and what a fine job it turned out. 


One of the eye opening jobs was the oil cooler. Once it was cleaned and thoroughly washed out, it weighed half the amount i.e most of the oil ways must have been blocked with sludge, so be aware that you might have a problem that you cannot see. 


The first job was to make modifications to the gearbox crossmember, if you have ever taken the gearbox out you will know the mounting can be a problem, just removing the bolts can take a few hours. Once you have modified the mount this job can be accomplished in few minutes. 


If you need advice on how to do it I'm happy to help, or if you let me have the crossmember I will modify it for you. 


The master cylinder was honed and new seals fitted. Refurbished engine, gearbox and overdrive were  assembled with balanced clutch and roller bearing thrust release. After a few more bruised fingers all parts were refitted. Our first show in 2015 was the Deal motor show, after a great cooked breakfast camping style, 

it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day topped off with a fly past from a Hurricane and Spitfire. 


Our next run was The Bucket and Spade and just before the master cylinder started to leak, so another part to be  replaced and more work but unfortunately not in time so we had to do the run in our Honda. What trouble we had trying to bleed the new master cylinder! The year was filled with many more runs and shows which included myself and Janet organising the Invicta run for the first time, thanks everybody for your kind comments we had a great time planning it. 


To complete our year we spent a week at  The Goodwood Revival.  We were also fortunate enough to watch all the spitfires take off on the Tuesday as part of the commemoration of the Battle of Britain. The event was a fantastic experience, because our car is tax exempt we had a dedicated car park and who would not have liked to have a Gull Wing Merc parked next to you! This winter we have another list of jobs to do as with any old car you need to keep on top of the maintenance. Hopefully nothing as major as this year as dates for next years events have already started to come in. We hope that a few more of you might take the opportunity to join us next year, it really is a great day out come rain or shine!

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