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A Year in the Life of Our MGB - 2011

What did you do with your MG last year?  

Well Norman & Janet Foord enjoyed spending time out and about in their's.   Read all about it in "A Year in the life of our MGB" !


The Regency Run

This year we went with Pat & Ray Wells and met our friends from Worcester at the Travelodge Kingston the day before. We spent the rest of the day at Hampton Court. On the run its self a Lancaster bomber flew right over the top of us.

Once at Brighton we set up our BBQ and enjoyed our sausage and bacon rolls. The reporter from the Brighton Argos was so impressed with Bob's cooking skills he came and took our picture. (AND WE MADE THE NEWS PAPER!).

Faversham Classic Car Show

Disappointed as our normal space had been taken and most of the rest of the space seemed to be taken by SMART CARS!


Our next trip was to The Canterbury Cathedral Garden Party. Six cars turned up from Ashford and Faversham. A good day with some very beautiful and interesting gardens. Mike Smart is the archivist for the Cathedral so we found out some very interesting facts and we thank him very much. This event was on a Saturday and as soon as it finished we drove up to Worcester to do the Arden run.



The Arden Run

The start was at the Gaydon museum and finished at a narrow boat show at Crick. As we could not take our MGB, Janet and I decided to take our Honda and fill it with spares for mg's as we were going to meet our friends from Worcester. When we got up for breakfast our good friends Bob and Lin told us that they had booked us in with their spare MGB-GT. It was a wet day so having a hard top was a great luxury. As all the roads on this trip were new to us we enjoyed the run very much.

Bucket and Spade Run

This started at Brogdale Farm (in the rain) and finished at Ramsgate. As we were going to take the ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend on our trip to Germany we were able to check out the port over the fence it was that close.

Annual Holiday Trip Abroad

Every year we take our MG abroad with our friends from Worcester. This year our destination was The Mosel in Germany. We all met up at Whitstable and drove to Ramsgate, and this year we were tail end Charlie. When we got to the port there was only seven cars booked on the ferry, the rest consisted of HGV's. Out of four MG's, two had to be checked by customs, shame that they don't check on the way back, still how many immigrants can you fit in the boot of a MGB, answers on a post card to H.M. Customs. Once in Belgium on the motorway, we found that Steve's Midget was getting slower on uphill sections so we stopped at the next services to find that all the oil and water had gone for a walk, after letting it cool down we topped it up and gave it a good check over. While we were there The Belgium British Classic Car Club arrived with about twenty cars returning from a touring holiday of France and Germany themselves.

We continued our journey to our rented house on the Mosel River without further hick-ups. We enjoyed the area by car and boat in both directions on the Rhine and Mosel; we also had a day trip to Koblenz. We continued to keep a close eye on Steve's car as tail end Charlie we found that we saved pounds on sun cream lotion as Steve's car was supplying oil in abundance! Of course being in Germany it was obligatory to go to the Nurbergring, we also went to Spa race track. On the way home we parted company with our friends at the M2 -A249 junction as they had to drive to Worcester, we turned right they turned left un-be-known to us Steve's engine exploded within half mile whilst puffing its way up Detling. Our grateful thanks go to the AA for getting them home safely.

Invicta Run

Another great run this year enjoyed by all. The most travelled being a couple from Germany. We started in our usual meeting place at the Halfway House, and travelled via some beautiful countryside to finish in Chiddingstone Castle, where we enjoyed the house and had afternoon tea thrown in the price. Our thanks go to all the people that were involved with the organisation of this fine event.

Help the Hero's

This was the next event at Faversham and included a very large car boot as well as a lot of cars. We've heard this event is no longer running as it is now too big.

Herne Bay

This was the next event which takes place in the streets of Herne Bay with the cars parked along the High Street.

South Downs Run

Our next event was the South Downs Run which we did with Pat & Ray Wells. We decided to make a weekend of it so we left on Friday night and stayed in the local Travelodge in Chichester. On the Saturday we spent the day in Amberley museum, just off the A27 the whole area being an old chalk quarry with lots of old buildings and machinery. For anyone who hasn't been we would all highly recommend it as we all became children again, pushing and pulling buttons and switches and making things go round and round, up and down etc, etc! It is well worth a visit. The run itself was very enjoyable, with some good tips for places to visit on the way.

We visited an old Roman mosaic site on route. Although another wet day it dried up just long enough for us to get our portable cookers out and rustle up some lovely bacon sarnies!

Challock Goose Fair

As always a very good event unfortunately we were the only Ashford and Faversham car although a couple of other members did turn up on foot. (Graham you must stop polishing and start prodding he! he!)

End Season Run

Well I hope you all enjoyed the End of Season Run and that it wasn't too hard or would you like me to make a harder run? It could all be arranged ha ha!

Well I hope you haven't found our reminisce of last year too boring but it would be nice if we could all try and do a little bit for the club to make the best club in the area become even better.

HAPPY 2012


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